VFL HOLDING - Wastewater Treatment plants with patented VFL® technology

Our main goal is to provide sustainable and affordable solutions for wastewater treatment and reuse of wastewater worldwide. We are mainly focused on the local wastewater treatment and reuse of wastewater from single house, housing estates, apartments, hotels and pensions, restaurants, schools, caravans and camping sites, leisure sites, small enterprises, villages, small towns, suburbs of big towns, industrial areas, food, drink and milk industries.
We are solution providers for decentralized wastewater treatment, semi-centralized wastewater treatment as well as centralized wastewater treatment based on our proprietary wastewater treatment technology VFL® (Vertical Flow Labyrinth).

We are looking for new partners

  • We offer partnership for local partners worldwide (exclusive or non-exclusive) for selling or assembling of our wastewater treatment plants and systems and implementing our solutions for decentralized and semi-centralized wastewater treatment.
Here are the steps how to start your local assembling factory of VFL®  wastewater treatment plants. 

We would like to invite you to be a part of our growing group.

  • You can download all information about VFL® Holding and our wastewater treatment products here.